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To make an appointment to see one of our surgeons at the Three Shires hospital in Northampton, get in touch with us as per below:


0800 7720 620

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Three Shires Hospital, Northampton

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Our surgeons are amongst the leading lights in orthopaedic surgery in the UK.

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One size does not fit all, which is why we tailor your treatment exclusively to your needs.

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We are delighted to assist in the full cycle of your operation, including post-op recommendations.

Making A Booking

To make an appointment to see one of our surgeons at the Three Shires Hospital please call:
0800 7720 620

Or contact our secretary on 0800 7720 620 or

Referral letters: Whilst it is not necessary to have contacted your GP or insurance company before booking an appointment to see a surgeon, it is important that do you have a referral letter from your GP, as this summarises the relevant problems and important past history. You can bring this referral letter with you or it can be sent by your GP to the address below.

Address for referral letters:

Three Shires Hospital
The Avenue

Or Fax 01604 620459


Call: 0800 7720620

Or Email:

Three Shires Hospital
The Avenue

01604 620311

Payment Terms

Dealing with your Insurance Company

During every step of the process, you need to keep your insurance company informed of what is happening in order to obtain approval for further appointments, physiotherapy sessions, scans or planned surgery.

Each insurance company we work with is different, with a different levels of requirements and cover but they are usually helpful.

If you have any difficulties or need any specific procedure codes and information for the insurance company then please contact our secretary on 0800 7720 620 or by email

Please be aware of any excess payments that may be part of your medical insurance cover – you will be expected to pay any outstanding fees not covered by your insurance policy.

Certain outpatient and surgical procedures may not be fully covered (or covered at all) by your insurance company – it is essential that you check with your insurer before undergoing any procedure.

Outpatient consultation prices:
New patient consultation   £250 – £280
Follow up appointment      £125 – £150

If you do not have medical insurance cover you are still able to access private medical treatment.  For further information please contact our Secretary on 0800 7720620 or contact the Three Shires Hospital for a quote on 01604 801008.

Clinic Appointments

You will be offered an appointment time and our surgeons make every effort to try and keep to that time. However as you may appreciate sometimes appointments may take longer or unexpected events may arise and there may be a delay. It is a balance between keeping to time and offering all our patients a high quality service. Your initial consultation will take approximately 30 minutes.

It is helpful if you could please bring with you:

Referral letter from the GP (if it has not already been sent or faxed by the GP)
Any previous letters or correspondence relating to your orthopaedic problem.
Any relevant X-rays or MRI scans taken previously
Wear shorts or appropriate clothing as it is important to be able to examine the whole leg during the consultation.

In the clinic your surgeon will spend time discussing your symptoms and then examine you, prior to discussing various options for treatment.  You may request a chaperone if required.  You are encouraged to ask questions as it is important that you fully understand your problem and the treatment options – it may be helpful to write down questions before the appointment so nothing is missed.

It may be necessary to take X-rays which can either be performed on the same day or at a later time.  If a referral letter has been received prior to your appointment your surgeon may arrange for appropriate X-rays to be taken before you are seen in the clinic.

MRI, CT and Ultrasound scans are usually performed on another day if needed.

Following the consultation a letter will be sent to your GP and a copy will be sent to you for further reference.